A collection of tips, factoids, and random thoughts from the team of doctors, research scientists and fitness enthusiasts who developed the world’s first neurostimulation headset dedicated entirely to weight loss.

Neurovalens Health

We aren’t perfectly sculpted fitness models (except Neil) nor are we personal trainers (again except Neil) but we love being healthy (or at least trying to be), particularly if it’s smart, efficient and related to neuroscience.

So join us on our journey of improving the brain to enhance the body…

Take back control.

Hannah Heimer

I’m a brain enthusiast and yoga fanatic. I work as a researcher at the University of California, San Diego while also running a yoga business on the side.

I use brain research and yoga as a springboard to blog about lifestyle, health, happiness, and how it all relates to your brain.

Just like the nerve cells in our brains, I love making new connections. So, feel free to reach out. For more info on yoga and the brain, take some time to explore neuroyogini.com.

Dr Jason McKeown

In a previous life I was a doctor - now I make medical devices.

A lover of all things health and fitness, particularly if linked to neurology, neurophysiology or anything brain related.

Mostly, I write about the neuroscience of weight loss, but occasionally I just give little snippets into my busy life.

I travel a lot. If not in Belfast I’m usually in San Diego. Happy to connect with anyone who is keen to improve their health & wellness!

Neil Anderson PT

I’m a performance and mobility specialist, gaining my love for fitness as a competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer, and WBFF muscle model.

I’ve had the fortune to work with all kinds of people, from actors, to models, to everyday gym-goers, and with companies like Under Armour. It all started over 20 years ago when I began competing in the technical sport of pole-vaulting. This sport inspired me to spend endless hours researching training protocols to develop better strength, power, speed and condition.

As a result, I experienced a change in my physique that gave me a new level of confidence and helped me develop in other areas of my life. Consistent energy and the good feeling of wellbeing go a long way!

Patricia McKeown

Being a teacher makes me super passionate about health & fitness for children.

I love encouraging kids to be more active and helping them (and their parents) make healthy diet decisions.

Education is key! The more knowledge we have about healthy living the better we can tackle childhood obesity.

I also LOVE to travel…

Read my blogs to find out diet & exercise tips for kids, and also travel tips for adults :)