Modius reduced my body fat by 44%

About a year ago I popped over to Ulster University, Coleraine for a thorough assessment of my body fat.

We had a spare stimulation prototype that wasn’t being used in the clinical study, so rather than let it go to waste, I decided the to try it out myself… proof in the pudding and all that.

I reckoned a full body scan by a university team who specializes in body fat would be a reasonable starting point.  Or at least one that would stand up to scrutiny.

Going into the Bod Pod scanner I was fairly optimistic about the results.

I’m a relatively young guy. Preceding the body scan, I played rugby on Saturdays and did at least one evening of activity during the week… five aside football with friends or the occasional gym workout (for which I previously had a personal trainer… so I certainly wasn’t a couch potato). Naturally I assumed that the scan results would show I was in peak physical condition.

The Preliminary Results:

Turns out I was actually carrying quite a bit of excess fat.

21% to be precise.

I remember smiling for this photo (#worldsbestmum) – I was actually pulling in my stomach. This isn’t even me at my heaviest!

More than one fifth of my entire body was pure, unadulterated fat.

Just to make it even more painful, the good people at Ulster University took the time to explain that someone of my age shouldn’t have body fat as high as 21%… They even went on to talk about lifestyle changes I could make to help with fat loss.

It was all terribly embarrassing… particularly the part where I told them my job was doing research on weight loss for the University of California, San Diego!


Relatively speaking I was ticking the correct boxes for health… my diet was alright, I got in some weekly activity, I didn’t drink or smoke… yet there I was, all 21% fat of me!

So embarrassment aside…

I went home to start weight loss neurostimulation!

The actual prototype was a bit like an old Sony Walkman. Two wires went up to the skin behind my ears where it delivered electrical impulses through little sticky pads.


For about the first month I really didn’t notice anything happening… maybe my appetite was slightly less… it was hard to tell.

But 10 weeks later I was definitely leaner. My belt buckle was moving in the ‘good’ direction! On average I was doing 3 sessions a week.

During this whole period of my ‘trial’, against my best efforts, my lifestyle had really went downhill. I was now flying regularly between Belfast and the USA and rarely had time for fitness activity like the gym. I actually stopped playing rugby completely & cancelled my gym membership, and the airport food really wouldn’t be my first choice when trying to be healthy.

Interestingly however my weight didn’t go up. If anything it was still creeping downwards. Without doubt it was getting leaner. Looking in the mirror I thought perhaps I was a bit more athletic maybe? I purposefully wasn’t weighing myself, and I didn’t see any sudden changes… so it was hard to tell. It was around this stage that I was regretful for not taking a photograph at the beginning.


My appetite wasn’t what it used to be. The desire to eat a big meal or snack on junk food was notably less than when I started. I would still have the occasional ice cream, snacks during a movie, meal out with friends etc etc…  so it certainly wasn’t cold turkey (literally or figuratively).

Coming up on the 11-month anniversary I was asked to do a small television piece with the BBC. They wanted to review the technology, so I repeated the scan at this time to see what shape I was now in.

Bod Pod Round Two Results:

Unsurprisingly I was leaner… I say ‘unsurprisingly’ because I could absolutely see it in the mirror, and because it’s not surprising knowing how the neurophysiology works. I would’ve been rather disappointed if almost 1 full year of weight loss neurostimulation hadn’t given a positive result!

What I’m surprised about is the scale of the results… particularly given that my lifestyle had become worse, not better.

My new body fat was 12.5%


I’m not a big fan of the whole ‘before and after’ photo – mostly because I think photoshop plays a large role. So here is my ‘after’ photograph… taken by my wife, in our bedroom on an iPhone 5c, with no fancy lights, no filter, no airbrushing, nothing! 100% genuine!

The previous year my total fat mass was 18.3kg… this dropped by 8kg. That’s a 44% reduction in one year. Also, my muscle mass increased by 2kg, so this explains the ‘athletic’ appearance.

So almost a year of neurostimulation for weight loss (during possibly the most stressful period in my life) has given me 44% reduction in body fat, a 2kg increase in muscle mass and a significantly reduced appetite… needless to say, I’m rather happy with the result.


What’s next then?

Well for one thing, I feel super healthy, which is great – and I don’t want to let that slip away. So I’m sticking to the ‘routine’ of health… plenty of fruits and veggies and at least one session of exercise a week (which is usually a light jog when I’m in California or gym session in Belfast).

Interestingly a recent study from Denmark suggests that if you can maintain your weight loss for 1 year, then the body has internally adjusted and doesn’t ‘bounce back’ or ‘rebound’ like it would if you crash diet for a few weeks.

Given that it’s been a year of neurostimulation for me, I’m excited to see what happens to my body now that I’ve stopped!



Dr Jason McKeown
Dr Jason McKeown

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