Healthy living in Southern California

Living in Southern California has its ups and… mainly ups. From the active lifestyle to the healthy food, Southern California provides an atmosphere that’s both healthy and balanced. Having a healthy body and brain depends highly on your lifestyle and how active you are. Luckily, Southern California makes this easy. Here are the 7 things about Southern California that make healthy living a no brainer.

#1 Being active outdoors.

hiking feet walking on seaside mountain peak

The weather in San Diego is beautiful! Most mornings I am greeted by the golden sunshine and the luxury of a refreshing coffee on the the balcony. In Belfast I normally squeeze in some fitness, be it on the treadmill or doing a exercise class. However, in San Diego I decided that I don’t need a gym membership as I can go long walks outdoors such as on the beach or the scenic trails along the coast – that sounds like a winner to me 🙂

#2 Healthy Eating

berry acai smoothie bowl topped with bananas, blueberries raspberries and blackberries in a wooden bowl

Apparently you are what you eat! California is catered for a healthier lifestyle. Almost any shop corner you turn there are fresh smoothies, Acai bowls and healthy treats to enlightened your taste buds. Acai bowls are a new thing to me, but I’m hooked already. Not only are they delicious, they’re also a rich source of antioxidants. Dig in! Salads, fruits, vegetables and fresh fish are certainly not difficult to find in California. There’s no excuse out here!

#3 Farmers markets


This was a completely new experience for me: local farmers markets that are held everyday of the week at different locations throughout San Diego. Sampling of fresh produce before you buy, supporting family farms and receiving your goods at the right price is a unique community experience. In addition to this …. Everything is organic! One of my favourite things is the homemade guacamole (or hummus) dips! They’re unbelievable with raw carrots and celery… Though the occasional tortilla chips are hard to say no to. If you are lucky you’ll also get treated to some live music and entertainment as you walk through the stalls.

#4 Trying out yoga for the first time


So far living in California is amazing but to top it all off – Sunrise yoga on the beach! Yes!! I am truly loving life. Yoga is everywhere in California, it’s almost like a religion of its own. We’re fortunate to have Hannah as part of the Neurovalens team and someone who is passionate about yoga, health, wellness, and the brain. Not only am I learning new things but I managed to haul my husband along too. He loved it and most of all we get to do something we both enjoy together.

#5 Roller blading

Two women roller blading in Long Beach Harbor, while two birds fly overhead.

California offers abundant multi use paths for roller blading, skating and cycling. A classic icon of California, is the girls roller blading on the boardwalk. It’s exactly how you see it in the movies. Just another outdoor activity that California has to offer that allows you to stay active. I guarantee you that you’ll work up a sweat in no time. If you have time make sure you check out the most famous rollerblader at Pacific beach.

#6 Hiking throughout National parks

Throughout California you can experience many different hiking trails but one of my favourites in San Diego is Torrey Pines. It’s our Saturday ritual after a stressful week that we soak up the morning sunshine and take in the scenic views of the ocean. This is followed by my favourite, the Acai bowl. This combination most certainly sets us up for the day! Click here to learn about Torrey Pines Hiking in SD & here to explore the top 10 national parks in California.

#7 Kombucha

Top view on homemade Kombucha with fruits

It’s literally everywhere! When we first moved to California we were greeted with Kombucha at almost every cafĂ© and on the shelves of most supermarkets. So I decided to research this popular drink and see what all the fuss was about. It turns out that Kombucha can help with strengthening the immune system, boost energy levels and helps with weight loss amongst a host of other things. Click here to read more about the benefits of Kombucha.

To top it all off: The University of California, San Diego!

The previous seven points are only a small portion of the ways that Southern California makes healthy living easy. The food, the activities, and the outdoors, all lead to an environment that brings peace to the body, brain, and mind. Oh yea, and with the world’s 15th best public university at our back door, UC San Diego, we get work done too. Come visit Southern California! Your brain, body, & soul will thank you.
Patricia McKeown
Patricia McKeown

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