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So in a nutshell my life consists of the following…


1. Running a medical device company in Belfast, Northern Ireland



2. Researching brain stimulation at the University of California, San Diego


In my spare time I like to relax by working as an Emergency Medicine Doctor…


Broken ankle

Nasty broken wrist


So life is fairly busy… and although this all seems somewhat structured, it actually happened by chance.

A random allocation to Neurosurgery as a junior doctor, introduced me to my now business partner – Dr Paul McGeoch.


Paul looking dapper as usual


Paul had just finished his brain stimulation research at UCSD. You can read his thesis here!

Through copious amounts of research Paul realized there was a very safe way to stimulate the brain to help with reducing body fat. It involved activating the neuro-vestibular system (which is really a fancy way of saying ‘the nerves that connect to your inner ear’.)

These nerves actually connect right through to the hypothalamus – (which is a really fancy way of saying  ‘the brain’s control centre for body fat, hunger and metabolism’.)

Due to these connections, activating the neuro-vestibular system can cause a big reduction in body fat!





There was a problem however.. stimulation devices to activate this system were way to complicated and seriously expensive… and they certainly would not provide a practical solution for weight loss.

We actually had to combine several devices in the beginning!


Early prototype?


So between us we devised a way to make an actual usable portable device that 1)  stimulates your brain for weight loss, but 2) (and very importantly) is simple enough and cheap enough that almost anyone could use it.


And that everyone, is the story of how Paul and I started Neurovalens!

How did this lead to the world’s most amazing job?

Running a medical device company in Northern Ireland is fantastic… Plus we get loads of support from InvestNI (particularly through the Propel Programme).

It also worked out great that I could still practice as a doctor at the weekends… usually in the Emergency Department of the Ulster Hospital, Dundonald… (feel free to pop in and see me).

However, to make things even better, all of our research into the brain and metabolism resulted in UCSD inviting me to a visiting scholar position there.


Geisel Library at UCSD

This position just happens to be under Professor Ramachandran (arguably the greatest neuroscientist of our time) who leads the team at the Center for Brain & Cognition!


Rama doing a TED talk


So I now spend my time either researching brain stimulation in sunny Southern California or developing electronic medical devices in Belfast… Could it get any better??

Did I forget to say that my wife gets to travel with me?


Another paper to read on neuroscience… I’ll do that outside in the sunshine, thank you very much!! 🙂


Dr Jason McKeown
Dr Jason McKeown

In a previous life I was a doctor - now I make medical devices.

A lover of all things health and fitness, particularly if linked to neurology, neurophysiology or anything brain related.

Mostly, I write about the neuroscience of weight loss, but occasionally I just give little snippets into my busy life.

I travel a lot. If not in Belfast I’m usually in San Diego. Happy to connect with anyone who is keen to improve their health & wellness!