Modius at the Society for Neuroscience

You may think that neuroscientists sit behind a microscope or computer all day long, that they are always in the lab and may be a bit antisocial…

But you’d be wrong.

We neuroscientists are jet-setters. From Ireland to San Diego to Dubai, we’re hopping on trains and planes to attend conferences, share knowledge, and socialize with fellow nerds.

One of our most recent trips was to San Diego for the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), a weekend where neuroscientists, future neuroscientists, and certified geeks got together to share the latest research and discoveries about the brain.

Not to mention that it was located in this beautiful convention center…

This year there were more than 30,000 researchers giving presentations! Talk about a social event. It was like a lab party that lasted all weekend. The convention center was similar to a little town, full of different avenues of various research topics. We had the fortune of having our presentation board near the entrance of the little town, the town that was bigger than two football fields put together! There was a plethora of presentation boards to see. Think your kids middle school science fair times 1,000!

There was a wide spectrum of research, from neurophysiology to neuroscience education. We had quite a lot of interest in our research, so much so that we didn’t leave our post for several hours. We did a lot of talking about our experiment and received a good amount of constructive criticism and questions that are helping us better our clinical trials and the future of the device. Most of all, we had fun sharing the research that we’re conducting on Vestibular Stimulation and learning from others.

We exchanged ideas with fellow scientists, like Dr. Chaipat Chunharas. 

And even had time to take a selfie or two.

All is well when you’re learning and sharing. Hopefully you’ll see us presenting at many more events soon!

Until next time,

Dr Jason McKeown
Dr Jason McKeown

In a previous life I was a doctor - now I make medical devices.

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