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 Our very own Neil Anderson, bodybuilder and Neurovalens team member, was recently interviewed on the BBC. His interview revealed the journey from his humble beginnings to his success as an internationally renowned body builder.

Neil’s path to bodybuilding began at the ripe old age of 10 years old. Growing up in the 80’s Neil was inspired by the movies of Arnold Shwarzenegger. The muscles and macho of Arnie had Neil stealing his older brother’s dumbbells to lift weights every night.

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But what set Neil apart from other rising bodybuilders?


Many people begin on the path to be a professional athlete, but the common story is that the passion dies and the athlete plateaus. However Neil, Neil was able to stay consistent and passionate. And this is what led him to receive countless awards for his work as a bodybuilder.

Neil attributes this to his years of sacrifice. He describes his career as “a labor of love,” a labor of love that requires a whole-hearted effort. “Half-hearted” just won’t cut it.

Neil inherited athletic genes from his father, so his path to bodybuilding was a natural one. But, natural skills can only take you so far. There comes a time when you must sacrifice to reach the next level. Those whole-hearted years of dedication led him to become a sponsored athlete with LA Muscle, Urban Lifters and Under Armour. He’s also a published fitness and weight loss writer, has been TV- featured on the Active channel and local television, and is a trainer for actors, models, and bodybuilding competitors.


But it’s not all hard work and no play for Neil. Neil knows the importance of rest and cross-training. And after those requisite years of sacrifice, Neil now lives a life of balance, between working-out and resting the body. There were even years of his life when he didn’t lift weights, where his primary workout was surfing in Australia.

In this way, Neil breaks normal for a bodybuilder. Traditionally, the bodybuilder is thought to be one-dimensional in his or her athletic abilities, creating admiration for a “mass monster.” Neil, however, is more dynamic than the average bodybuilder. Neil adds triathlons, marathons, rugby, and golf, to create an athletic, yet heavily muscled body.


Neil views bodybuilding as an art, honoring the classic roots of the Grecian scale where certain body parts measure up in certain ways to create beauty. Unfortunately in these modern times, this revered art form seems to be losing it’s dignity as a large amount of artificially stimulated bodybuilding takes place.  Neil says that it’s the lifetime of hard work that creates a true piece of art in bodybuilding, not performance enhancers. 

Click here to listen to Neil’s radio interview, learn more about his life, and become inspired to get in shape.

A healthy body is a healthy brain.

Neil Anderson PT
Neil Anderson PT

I’m a performance and mobility specialist, gaining my love for fitness as a competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer, and WBFF muscle model.

I’ve had the fortune to work with all kinds of people, from actors, to models, to everyday gym-goers, and with companies like Under Armour. It all started over 20 years ago when I began competing in the technical sport of pole-vaulting. This sport inspired me to spend endless hours researching training protocols to develop better strength, power, speed and condition.

As a result, I experienced a change in my physique that gave me a new level of confidence and helped me develop in other areas of my life. Consistent energy and the good feeling of wellbeing go a long way!